VERA first organization aimed at crowdfunding for female entrepreneurs

Partnership between VERA Community and Symbid should unlock more funding for female entrepreneurs

4th February, Amsterdam/Rotterdam – VERA Community is the first Dutch organization aimed at female entrepreneurs that allows her target audience to attract equity-funding online. To offer this service, VERA Community started her partnership with Symbid, the largest equity-crowdfunding platform in The Netherlands. VERA Community launches her own website the 8th of March. Here, female entrepreneurs can start a crowdfunding campaign. The financial and legal round-up will be taken care of by Symbid.

Crowdfunding for women

The Netherlands has approximately 350.000 female entrepreneurs; a number constantly on the rise. The last years a lot of networks for female entrepreneurs have been established. However, VERA Community is the only company to offer funding for these female businesses. The women can place a crowdfunding campaign in the VERA- Group on Symbid, in this case offering equity in return for funding. By organizing events the entrepreneurs will be introduced to potential investors. VERA Community is aimed especially towards Dutch female entrepreneurs who create a positive impact and social value.

Equity funding for women

VERA Community’s goal is to encourage all aspects of female entrepreneurship”, says Loonen, founder of VERA. “The cooperation with Symbid actually allows bringing this goal into practice. Besides support and advice during the different phases of the company, we can now introduce the entrepreneurs with interested investors. There are a lot of women who want to create a positive impact with their company and we help them find the right funding. On top of that we notice investors want to know how their money is being spent and that they’re looking for companies that are both commercially and socially responsible. Therefore crowdfunding is very well suited for both the female entrepreneur as well as the investor.”.

Start: International Women’s Day

VERA Community officially starts the 8th of March; in the week of International Women’s Day. The Symbid-Group for VERA Community kick off in the same week, opening the funding requests for female entrepreneurs and investors interested in their companies. Additionally, in cooperation with WomenInvest, VERA Community has arranged several female speakers who will share their vision on and experience with entrepreneurship during International Women’s Day at “De Baak” in Driebergen, The Netherlands. However, female entrepreneurs won’t have to wait till the 8th of March before getting started with VERA. “We’re already available for female entrepreneurs who are looking for advice or funding, so we can develop VERA into the great and strong network we have in mind.”, says Loonen.

Korstiaan Zandvliet, CEO of Symbid, says to be very happy with the cooperation between VERA Community and Symbid: “Female entrepreneurship remains underexposed despite is scope. Thanks to VERA it’s now possible for Symbid to stimulate entrepreneurship in this area. Additionally, we can introduce investors to propositions and entrepreneurs that strive to create a social value and possible favorable return on investment. Finally, the investors know that the propositions are being coached by VERA; a clear hallmark of quality.”.

VERA Community has been in development for over half a year and will start the 8th of March. Before and during that time, female entrepreneurs can receive information or register via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or the website.

About VERA Community

VERA Community is thé place for female entrepreneurs to raise funding for the start of their new company of the growth of their existing company. Additionally, VERA Community offers a network of investors, coaches en experts that can help you as an entrepreneur to realize your ambition. More information about VERA Community can be found on:

About Symbid Corporation

Symbid is a listed online funding platform that helps private investors, SME-entrepreneurs and startups come together in a safe and secure online ecosystem. Entrepreneurs can pitch their business ideas to investors, and investors get the chance to invest in profitable and game-changing ideas. In doing so, Symbid brings together all relevant parties that are necessary for successful funding. Symbid is globally seen as a leader in online equity financing. For more information, please check:www.symbid.comSymbid is listed on the US OTC Markets as SBID.

For more information about VERA Community, please contact:

Nicolette Loonen (Founder) at 06- 532 885 06 or

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" There are a lot of women who want to create a positive impact with their company and we help them find the right funding. " Nicolette Loonen
" The investors know that the propositions are being coached by VERA; a clear hallmark of quality." Korstiaan Zandvliet
About Symbid

About Symbid

Founded in April 2011 as one of the first investment crowdfunding platforms worldwide, Symbid is The Funding Network™, where companies get funded and grow. As a leading online funding portal for small- and medium-sized enterprises, Symbid gives entrepreneurs direct access to traditional and alternative forms of finance, while offering investors full transparency on the potential risks and returns of their portfolio. Advanced investing, monitoring and data tools ensure companies connecting to The Funding Network™ are financed in the most efficient way possible. Built around cutting-edge technology and expert financial advice, The Funding Network™ by Symbid is the go-to platform for entrepreneurs in search of funding and investors in search of exciting opportunities. As of March 2015, Symbid ( has successfully funded 70 small businesses for a total capital sum of $7.5 million. With over 40 funding partners already connected – including banks, venture capital, angel investors and 30,000 private (crowdfunding) investors – the total transaction volume of The Funding Network™ in 2015 is estimated at $800 million. Symbid Corp. is a U.S. publicly listed company (OTCQB:SBID). For investor relations, please visit