Innovative internet technology successfully ends second crowdfunding campaign

Rotterdam (NL), 27-08-2013: Holland Haptics, a startup from the Dutch city Delft which defines itself as 'the social touch company', successfully ended their second crowdfunding campaign. Their wireless and mobile accessory that allows people to hold hands via internet, managed to gather another €20.000 via the crowd on investment platform Symbid.

The second campaign was geared towards funding for further development of the product, in contrary to the first campaign, which focused on the first development phase. One of the main differences was the ability to purchase the product during the second campaign. This way, Holland Haptics created a pool of ambassadors who could simultaneously function as investor or purchaser, and as a test panel. The product consists of a “touch pad” which can be pressed. This pressure will be digitized and will be sent to the user on the other side of the internet connection, who will experience the opposite sensation. When the first user presses their fingers in the touch pad, the first user's fingers will pop up from the surface of the second touch pad.

The second campaign was ended with an investment of over €13.000. That means that almost 70% of the goal capital was invested by one person. These larger investments are significant for Symbid's most recent campaigns, during which more and larger investments were made. Holland Haptics offered investors from their first campaign the unique opportunity to be the first to invest during the second round, which strengthened the relationship between the shareholders and Holland Haptics.

This had a positive effect on Holland Haptics. Thanks to the second crowdfunding campaign, several influential people have joined the company, strengthening Holland Hapitcs' market position and strongly increasing the 'success rate' of the handset. The second campaign also contributed to the financial stability of the start up, the development of the product, the network of the company and the publicity surrounding the company.

Frederic Petrignani, CEO of Holland Haptics: “It was only natural for Holland Haptics to do a second round via Symbid. We wanted to use the pledging possibilities (pre-sales model, red.) Symbid offers, because it offered an easy way to sell the product to our investors from the first round. This way, we could gather information about the product, its usability and how it was received by the market. It also gave investors who missed out during the first round the opportunity to join us during the second round.”

Korstiaan Zandvliet, co-founder and CEO of Symbid, adds: “Symbid continues its development towards a fully developed ecosystem where investors and entrepreneurs co-create the startup company. This explains why both investors and entrepreneurs keep returning to Symbid: we offer much more than just money.”

The global crowdfunding market is expected to grow with 81% towards the end of this year, providing approximately €4 billion in funding. Within the crowdfunding industry, equity-crowdfunding is experiencing the highest growth rate. This can be explained by the large SME's funding need: over €12.6 billion in The Netherlands alone. Small and medium enterprises, like Holland Haptics, are actively on the look-out for alternative sources of capital if they can't obtain the capital via traditional sources.

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"It gave investors who missed out during the first round the opportunity to join us during the second round." Frederic Petrignani
"This explains why both investors and entrepreneurs keep returning to Symbid: we offer much more than just money." Korstiaan Zandvliet
About Symbid

About Symbid

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