Major growth of Crowdfunding Industry calls for accreditation

Symbid among first platforms to pass highest accreditation standards for Crowdfunding platforms in the world

The crowdfunding industry is growing rapidly and its capacity to help Small and Medium Entrepreneurs to get funded is becoming increasingly popular. The problem right now is that one of the favoured crowdfunding methods for this industry, equity-based crowdfunding, has a hard time developing internationally due to legal rest

However, progress is being made. On March 21st the JOBS act was one step closer to becoming a reality, allowing legal crowdfunding in the U.S. This bill has only amendment pending in the U.S. and though it is likely to be signed within the next few weeks, the industry is eager to accept equity-based crowdfunding. An initiative by, the Crowdfunding Accreditation for Platform Standards, or CAPS, aims to provide secure and reliable crowdfunding through standardising industry requirements for crowdfunding companies. Companies will be accredited based on Operational Transparency, Security of Information and Payments, Platform Functionality and Operational Procedures.

Yet, though in Europe the regulatory environment for equity-based crowdfunding is much better, there are still many differences. There are examples of companies that take crowdfunding Europe-wide, such as Symbid. Given the rapid internationalization of Symbid and the terms for this roll-out it wasn’t a surprise that Symbid was among the first platforms that received the highest accreditation possible in the industry. Korstiaan Zandvliet, CEO Symbid, is excited with the CAPS program and Symbid’s accreditation. “This accreditation stands for our continuous efforts to offer a safe and legal environment to do equity based crowdfunding, it shows to entrepreneurs and investors that crowdfunding via Symbid is one of the safest ways to invest in crowdfunding projects.”

Yet it is needless to say that if U.S. crowdfunding is legalised, Europe, and companies such as Symbid, will benefit too. Following an initial private invitation-only launch, only eight organizations have been accredited within the CAPS program. More than 200 crowdfunding platforms are expected to apply for accreditation in 2012.

About Symbid

About Symbid

Founded in April 2011 as one of the first investment crowdfunding platforms worldwide, Symbid is The Funding Network™, where companies get funded and grow. As a leading online funding portal for small- and medium-sized enterprises, Symbid gives entrepreneurs direct access to traditional and alternative forms of finance, while offering investors full transparency on the potential risks and returns of their portfolio. Advanced investing, monitoring and data tools ensure companies connecting to The Funding Network™ are financed in the most efficient way possible. Built around cutting-edge technology and expert financial advice, The Funding Network™ by Symbid is the go-to platform for entrepreneurs in search of funding and investors in search of exciting opportunities. As of March 2015, Symbid ( has successfully funded 70 small businesses for a total capital sum of $7.5 million. With over 40 funding partners already connected – including banks, venture capital, angel investors and 30,000 private (crowdfunding) investors – the total transaction volume of The Funding Network™ in 2015 is estimated at $800 million. Symbid Corp. is a U.S. publicly listed company (OTCQB:SBID). For investor relations, please visit